IIEP Policy Forum – Paris, 16-18 October 2012 

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Transition to employment

Young student

Young student. ©UNESCO/Jack Ling

Many young people, particularly girls and rural youth, have limited or no access to education and training. New technologies have revolutionized creative learning mechanisms and education systems have yet to catch up. The skills needed for employment are changing rapidly and education and training systems must  adapt to equip young people for lifelong learning, new technologies as well as be adapted to local environments.

Educational planning and policy-making needs to be innovative to stay on top of what skills and training are needed and how they are best delivered to ensure sustainable livelihoods for all youth.

How can educational planning and policy-making provide youth with the skills needed to further their career prospects and promote sustainable livelihoods? Join the online discussions that fed into and directed further debates at our Policy Forum. Key recommendations emerging from both these virtual discussions and the event will be taken forward in a number of countries, so we encourage you to continue to speak up now and make sure your voice is heard!

>> Download the Background Paper: Youth transition from education to work in the Mediterranean region: the ETF experience with partner countries

‘In response to employment challenges, we strongly encourage Member States to expand the scope of education by including entrepreneurial skills and training opportunities, and intergenerational partnerships for youth aligned to the rapidly changing labour market needs, particularly in non-traditional fields such as e-learning.’ – Recommendation 7th UNESCO Youth Forum (2011)

The fourth session of the Policy Forum was devoted to this theme.

To review the material presented during this session, please click on the various presentation documents below:

Presentation by Ms Francesca Rosso, Labour Market Expert, European Training Foundation

Recommendations coming out of this session:

PPT IconPresentation by Ms Laura Brewer, Senior Policy Specialist in skills for youth employment, Skills and Employability Department, International Labour Organization (ILO)



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